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Element Earth Day by Fernando Elvira​

Earth revolution! Giving back power to the planet, our Earth Week kicks off on Earth Day, April 22nd, and celebrates nature the Element way: through culture, the great outdoors and awareness. It includes a collection designed by Fernando Elvira that echoes the eco-conscious lifestyle he adopted in his small mountain village, with a range made of organic jersey and tencell twill. ​ ​

Taking more steps towards sustainability, we are also showcasing the eco-initiative launched by German team Guppyfriend® and the laundry bags they invented top stop micro plastic pollution from synthetic fibers in the oceans. ​ ​

Coming full circle, Fernando Elvira took the occasion to reveal his new project - a very special stone culture he created on this specific topic, named "The Soiled Whale". ​Throughout this important week, we are encouraging each other to connect with our inner child, to embrace the simple and pure pleasures of going outside to skate, run, walk, climb, jump, stand, observe, enjoy, listen and feel the forces and the fun that nature provides us all. ​ ​

Ultimately, we translated into a collection and initiatives what Fernando Elvira says about his work - channeling "the energy of action" into our Earth Week! ​ ​



Cotton in numbers: regular cotton covers 2.5% of the world's cultivated land but uses 10 to 16% of the world pesticides. On the other hand, coming from non-genetically modified plants, & without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides, organic cotton enhances & protects biodiversity. Sure, it might only represent 1-2% of global cotton production, but guess what camp we chose?



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